Women2Women 2022 Volunteer Hub

In 2022, we're harnessing the power and raising the voices of everyday women. 

Plug in where you can - we've got you covered! 

United Vision Project Outreach Texting

We've joined with the United Vision Project on a revolutionary new program to take action on the deep division in our nation.

In collaboration with multiple organizations and regional/national partners, we're contacting hundreds of thousands of Americans to learn directly from them what they believe, how they feel, and why they think the country is so divided. 

We have deep conversations to better understand their points of view, and even though the conversations can be challenging, we believe having them is the first step toward creating genuine change.

Join us for our next Open House to learn more about the United Vision Project and how to join our work. Click here to register for a UVP Open House. 

Women2Women Circles

Organize locally to win nationally! A Women2Women Circle is a group of everyday women, taking action, bringing new women into the fight and community with each other—coordinated by volunteer leaders - YOU! If you want to find out more about starting your Women2Women Circle, click here! To join an existing circle, take a look at our map to see if there is one in your area.

Digital Defenders

As a Digital Defender, you will engage on social media to defend and support progressive values and stop misinformation at the source before it goes viral. Sign up on our interest form to get invited to our next training on how to combat election disinformation. I want to become a Digital Defender!

Grassroots Fundraising

Want to help Women's March but swamped with responsibilities at home? You can make a big difference by becoming a monthly donor to Women's March for $5, $10, or even $25 a month? Just click here. And once you've donated, consider asking 5 of your friends and family to do the same!

Thank you for being part of our movement to build a feminist future and a country where everyone can thrive.

Questions? Email organizing@womensmarch.com


By signing up for any of these programs, you agree to uphold the Women2Women Working Agreements. Anyone not following these Principles is not representing Women’s March or Women2Women Circles.