LTE-National Health Emergency

The Supreme Court's recent ruling on Dobbs v Jackson Women's Health Organization gutted Roe, but abortion is still legal, and there are still things we can do to protect and fight for abortion rights across our country.

Our first demand is for President Biden to declare a national public health emergency.  An emergency declaration would help "protect abortion access for all Americans" and unlock "critical resources and authority that states and the federal government can use to meet the surge in demand for reproductive health services."

You can send pre-written letters to the editors of local, regional, and national online publications proclaiming that we won't go back, and calling on President Biden to declare a national health health emergency in 3 easy steps. 

Step 1: enter your contact info to target publications -  then click NEXT.

Step 2: select a publication. Start local, then circle back to regional and national publications. 

Step 3: click on the SAMPLE LETTER below and copy/paste the subject and body of the sample letter into the message box. Your name will automatically be submitted - no need to add a signature. Click NEXT to submit your letter. 

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