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WE ARE MARCHING in Tucson, Arizona.
OUR LATEST UPDATES: On Saturday October 2, we will be joining together to demonstrate our support for reproductive justice. This event has come together in less than 3 weeks and our small, grassroots, community-based organizing team has worked very hard to make it a safe, healthy, accessible, inclusive and orderly gathering. We are so grateful for all of you who have volunteered to help us turn this into the type of procession we can all be proud of, THANK YOU. We can never have enough volunteers so if you are willing to lend a hand tomorrow, you can still reach out to us by sending us a note at

It is very important to note that our goal for this event is to do no harm from start to finish.

We are meeting at Armory Park where there is an unhoused population who we do not want to disturb or endanger. Please be mindful of all of those who will be in the park, not just our fellow marchers.

We do not have a formal rally planned, but we do have a few people who will be speaking briefly as people arrive. We expect to be fully organized to begin our route at 10:30 a.m.

We are using sidewalks, crosswalks, and obeying all traffic signals. We have our own crossing guards who will be posted at intersections to help our group get safely across the street. By not using the street surfaces, we are controlling the pace of the march to provide for social distancing space, and we are ensuring that every marcher gets from Armory Park to Jacome Plaza safely.

Our usage of a public park and public sidewalks is also critical for our accessibility plan. Thankfully, Downtown Tucson has infrastructure in place to help ensure that everyone is able to participate in our event. If you don’t think you can march, but would like to show your support, we encourage you to pick a shaded spot on a sidewalk along our route and hold a sign, chant, or cheer the marchers along. EVERY participant is important.

We have a team of safety marshals who will be disbursed and marching with us, ready to assist in the event of an emergency. We will have first aid teams stationed along the march route. In keeping with our commitment to peace and inclusivity, we have not asked Tucson Police to provide any security or traffic assistance for our event.

MASKS ARE MANDATORY for the duration of this event. Given that social distancing might be difficult to achieve throughout the entire march, masks are an important piece of layered mitigation.

Please be advised that our route does NOT have designated bathroom facilities. Plan ahead for how this might impact your ability to march.

Be ready to walk by wearing comfortable clothes and shoes. Our weather looks to be beautiful tomorrow morning! You should bring water, sunscreen, a snack, and of course a mask. You may also choose to bring a portable phone charger, and signs supporting reproductive justice. Coat hanger imagery and “Handmaid’s Tale” outfits are prohibited for this event. Please do not bring weapons to our march.

We are not anticipating counter-protestors, but should there be any, we are making the commitment not to engage. Engaging with their message takes us away from conveying our own message.

Once you have made it to Jacome Plaza, you are free to go back to your car, or find an open restaurant in Downtown Tucson where you can have lunch, or you can line the plaza and sidewalks without obstructing pedestrian traffic, holding your signs for passersby to see. We expect that our first marchers will reach the Plaza by 11:00 a.m. Once all of our marchers have made it to Jacome Plaza, our event ends.

Last but certainly not least, PARKING. We cannot estimate the number of participants for our march. There is free parking around Armory Park and around Jacome Plaza, and on most streets along our route in Downtown Tucson. There is parking by the hour at the parking garages spread throughout Downtown Tucson, too. If you would like to avoid downtown parking altogether, you might consider parking at the Mercado San Augustin and taking the Sunlink Streetcar into Downtown. The Streetcar runs free through the end of the year. All Streetcar passengers must wear a mask.

From our Tucson Team of Volunteer Organizers, THANK YOU ALL for helping to make this event a success. We are all really looking forward to seeing you on Saturday morning!

Join us on Saturday, October 2nd at 10:00 am at Armory Park. This is an all ages event, with signs and chants which will be safe for anyone from ages 2 to 102. Every human is welcome to march with us! In accordance with the CDC and the Women’s March National Organization, we will be observing COVID-19 safety protocols. Masks are required for participants, and social distancing will be observed wherever possible.

We will march from Armory Park to Jacome Plaza in Downtown Tucson. Please see below for the COVID-19 guidelines, straight from The Women’s March National Organization:

We are marching as a demonstration of our love and commitment to each other. We also know we are in a devastating and terrifying surge of the Delta variant. We can hold both. In order to protect and care for each other, we require that all participants wear masks, maintain proper social distance, and use hand sanitizer before passing anything out or touching any shared objects like bullhorns or banners. These common-sense guidelines are non-negotiable, a reflection of our deep commitment to keeping each other safe.

We have merchandise! Local, community-minded print shop The Gloo Factory has graciously handled our merchandise. You can order from them online at: or you can purchase your items in store at 238 E. 26th St. in Tucson.

We would also like to thank our Sponsor, Michael Rubin with The Rubin Group. Thanks to his generous donation, we will be better able to keep you safe and hydrated on the day of the march! If you need help with a mortgage or refinance, consider calling Mike at 520.448.0569.

  • Location

  • Armory Park
  • 222 S 5th Avenue
  • Tucson, AZ 85701
  • Time

  • Saturday, October 2nd
  • 10:00 a.m.
  • Host

  • Amy

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