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Lindstrom Area Women's March
Oberstar Park - West of Memorial Park
1st Avenue & Linden Street
Lindstrom, MN 55045

Oberstar Plaza Hwy 8 Lindstrom, MN Oberstar Plaza is at the west end of the Hwy 8 "split" in Lindstrom, MN. West of Snap Fitness and the Swedish Inn. Nearest cross streets would be Hwy 8 and Linden Street. Parking will be available along Hwy 8, or by Memorial Park in Lindstrom, at the intersection of Linden Street and Newell Ave. Type these coordinates into Google Maps for location: 45.390167, -92.850759

Join other women in our community to stand in solidarity with other women around the US for equality and justice before Election Day. Wear your masks and we'll social distance ourselves around the park area and be visible to those traveling both directions on Hwy 8.

Bring your own signs to show what issue is important to you - women's rights, healthcare, supreme court, voting rights, etc. Let's stand together in our community and send a message to all that pass by.

12pm - 1:30pm

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