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Celebrating RBG and all Women
Corner of HWY305 and Bond RD
20882 Bond RD
Poulsbo, WA 98370

Hwy305 is off of HWY3 in Poulsbo, WA and this is the busiest intersection in the area. The address listed is that of Valley Nursery which is 300 feet to the west of the corner. The event is AT the busy corner and not at the Nursery.

Peaceful 3 hour [11AM-2PM] vigil on four corners of a busy intersection. Parking...a few spots on HWY305 and Bond a medical center parking lot 300 feet west of a small mall 1/4 mile south of the corner on HWY305...large mall 1/2 mile south of corner on Hwy 305.

The principles of "Civil Informationing" will apply: always legal with no blocking of roads or sidewalks...informational...non-confrontational...respectful of motorists even if they! The vehicles will be "marching" past attendees. If you want to "march", please do so by using pedestrian lights to cross roads in one continuous direction forming a "squared circle" of pedestrian motion.

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