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Since we can't march in person, flood all Social Media channels with positive images of women running for office. Focus on the Senate.
When you post, PLEASE USE THIS HASHTAG: #womenswavevirtual
We will see each others online activity and we can share beyond this circle.
And, of course, any other hashtags that make sense, such as #doitforRBG #ifwedontflipthesenatenothingchanges 
If the group has other suggestions, let's share.
Thank you again! All of this interest warms my heart.

REMINDERS: This is for #RBG #IfWeDon'tFlipTheSenateNothingChanges #savetheACA

  • Location

  • Event is virtual
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • Oakland, CA 94611
  • Time

  • Saturday, October 17th
  • 6:00 a.m.
  • Host

  • Women Caucus
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  • Email questions to

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