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CALL-to-ACTION Demonstration
12 N Park Street
Seneca Falls, NY 13148

Women March in Seneca Falls 2020 is calling for IMMEDIATE ACTION from our representatives in Congress and local citizens dedicated to women’s rights in the name of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and in support of the BIDEN/HARRIS campaign.

The public is invited to join organizers in SENECA FALLS, October 17, 10am, 12 N Park St/Academy Square, and urged to carry signs demanding US Senators DELAY CONFIRMATION of RBG’s vacant seat, and to inspire friends and neighbors to contact members of Congress to:

-Vote NO on filling RBG’s vacant Supreme Court seat prior to Inauguration Day.
-Stand FIRM on a Woman’s Right to Choose.
-SUPPORT Black Lives Matter; LGBTQ rights; Healthcare for ALL; COVID-19 CDC guidelines.
-SUPPORT SAFE and FAIR elections.
-DEMAND CIVILITY in government and SAFEGUARD our democracy.
-Regard IMMIGRATATION as a pillar of American society.
-RESTORE US State Department for effective FOREIGN POLICY.

MASKS and social distancing required.

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