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San Jose City Hall
200 E. Santa Clara Street
San Jose, CA 95113

Details are still being confirmed. Pleascheck back or visit Women's March San Jose, Enough is Enough Voter Project or Action Together Bay Area Facebook Pages or

Please note: Details for March Route and Rally info will be updated ASAP.-

On Oct 2, along with organizations throughout the nation, were marching ahead of the Supreme Court reconvening on Oct 4. Women's March San José along with Enough Is Enough Voter Project, Action Together Bay Area and Pandia Health are organizing this call to mobilize and defend our reproductive rights in San José.
Abortion has never been fully accessible, but we are at the risk of losing our reproductive freedom completely. The call to action is clear, and urgent. The relentless attacks from Texas to Mississippi are ramping up quickly. Anti-choice extremists have a deep desire to return to a time when there was more clear and effective domination and control over queer and trans folks, women, and people of color; they want to revive those old values and societal norms to the point of re-acceptance. The authoritarian agenda of reproductive control is fueled by misogyny and racism - and we must challenge it, together.
On Oct 2, we’re going to send the Supreme Court and lawmakers across the country a clear, unified message. The attack on our reproductive rights will not be tolerated.
We have this opportunity to invite all the people that know us and love us into this important movement and work united as we build something better for our families and communities. As a small powerful group tries to come for our human rights over and over again, we’ll never let go of our vision of reproductive justice; for unfettered abortion access and everything we need to support and grow our families to thrive and live healthy lives.
This is your fight. This is our fight. This impacts all of us. Please join us and rise up on Oct 2.
We are requesting all participants wear a mask. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in keeping us all safe.
If your group or organization is interested in partnering with us, please fill out the form on our webpage at

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