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Bans Off Our Bodies (Women's March Boulder)
Boulder Court House
1333 Pearl Street

Start congregating outside the county courthouse at 9:00am. We are taking Broadway this time; marching west!

Let's join the nationwide march from our own backyard! This is not just about abortion; this is about making sure that our supreme court supports women to have the chance to choose a life that can gear towards leadership.

When women lead, they change cultures. We know that when the burdens of motherhood are slightly lifted off of the shoulders of women, when women have enough choice, time, and energy to raise healthy kids AND contribute to society, women tend to lift entire societies up with them. We need more women leaders now more than ever. It is time to march.

In Boulder, we would like to support as many diverse groups as possible. Women's rights are everyone's rights. We invite you to choose the reason YOU are marching and bring your signs, friends, colleagues and relatives with you.

Please: Be safe. Wear masks and bring hand sanitizer if you feel you need to.

NO DOGS OR BIKES are allowed on the Pearl Street mall.

Kids welcome! Please keep them close to you at all times.

After the March:

-Visit the YWCA tent
-Make sure you are signed up for email lists on what to do moving forward
-Follow relevant pages on social media
-Take signs to intersections and chant (Be safe & stay alert in general but especially on road ways)

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