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Kansas City Rally For Abortion Justice
Milk Creek Park
Mill Creek Parkway & 47th St.
Kansas City, MO 64111

Google: Mill Creek Park, KCMO 64111

Missouri is no stranger to attacks on Reproductive Freedom.

In 2019 the state legislature passed a "cascading bans at nearly every stage of pregnancy", establishing a law that would make abortion illegal in almost all cases after eight weeks. This was eventually blocked by a judge in Missouri.

Is it no surprise to those of us fighting on the front lines that Texas, another red state has enacted such extreme measures in their efforts to crush the constitutional rights of birthing people and to ultimately overturn Roe V Wade.

It is on our radar, that lawmakers in Missouri are considering this path by introducing a similar bill. We CAN NOT allow this to happen.

"The Texas law is unique in its enforcement, allowing private citizens to sue abortion providers and anyone who participates in the process to get an abortion, regardless if they have a personal stake in the matter.

That could include someone who drives a person to a clinic.

Anyone who successfully sues under the law can receive at least $10,000.

It was written with future legal battles in mind, designed to evade federal review.

The law does not make exceptions for pregnancies that result from rape or incest.

Missouri currently has only one abortion provider in the state and already has a list of stringent requirements:

▪︎Doctors must have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals before they can perform abortions.

▪︎A person seeking an abortion must receive state-directed counseling that includes information designed to discourage her from following through.

▪︎The doctor performing the abortion, not social workers or nurse practitioners, must provide the counseling.

▪︎ wait 72 hours before the procedure is provided.

WE know that this will have the greatest impact on Black, Indigenous, latinex and other people of color.

WE cannot allow our voices to go unheard and we ask you to join us for this day of action.

We’re holding a socially distant rally in Kansas City, Missouri to mark our fierce opposition to the Texas Abortion ban that will no doubt have a chilling impact on Reproductive Freedom in the United States.

We push back on any law that would create a system of vigilantes to impose their beliefs and will on people who are seeking abortions, their care givers and support system.

Join MO Reproductive Justice Organizers as we Rally against these actions & Register people to vote.

Come and hear our lineup of amazing speakers who will address the Texas ban and what it means for us here in Missouri.

This event is being organized by and for women in Missouri.

As ways, we have a diverse group of dynamic leaders planning the details of this event.

We explicitly welcome our LGBTQIA family and uplift the trans community in our work together.
ALL OF US!!!!!

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