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National WM Sister Rally for Justice
Block of the Superior Courthouse on Brown St
Between Brown st & Coombs st
Napa, CA 94559

The Superior Courthouse in Napa faces Brown Street downtown, we will be circling that block in our Marching Rally so that we're circling the Superior Courthouse. There will be distance chanting, balloon signs, artists, opportunities to get information from local activist & supportive community action groups, Mayoral & Council person candidates. We have several speakers including our Mayor Jill Techel. There will be food available to purchase through venmo from Le Paris deli. Please wear a pink or black hat. This is a national event, come out and show support to your Democracy, practice your first amendment and share your voice with Americans from ALL OVER THE NATION !

Hosted by
Masks are mandatory.
Social distancing maintained.

In protest of filling the Supreme Court Justice seat during an election,
for flipping the Senate,
for protecting Human Rights !

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